Rose Cameron


Rose Cameron

Rose Cameron is an abstract impressionist artist currently living in Costa Mesa, CA. Born into a family rich in artistry and creativity, she spent her childhood drawing, painting, weaving, making clay figures, and indulging in a world where art inspired nearly every corner of her existence. She took a decades long unintentional break and has returned to her original passion with a resurgence of high volume, large scale production.

Focusing on large scale oil paintings, Rose creates what she considers to be Dreamscapes. Her four-foot by five-foot canvases evoke emotion, memory, and that just out of touch semblance of something you have when you just wake up after a long night’s rest. She paints with a familiarity of the heart, capable of gently capturing a feeling. Collectors and viewers alike often are drawn to one particular piece, and the discovery of who is drawn to which and why is a delightful foray into self-exploration.

Every piece begins with modeling paste, multiple layers of gesso and an imprimatura (underpainting) that guide and shape the finished work. Rose works quickly covering large layers of canvas with little rest. By working up close on large pieces and staying fully immersed in the painting she is able to remove the conscious mind from exerting judgment on the piece and retains the integrity of instinct. This method allows her to act as a tool or a vessel for the creative idea to pass through, rather than trying to force her own artistic wants to the canvas.

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